Bread Mold Lab Report

The Bread Mold:
The Effect of Water on Mold Growth
The effect of moisture on white bread was studied over a two week period. This was done in order to see if the growth rate of mold would increase because of the moisture. Data was collected from both a moisten piece of white bread and a dry piece of white bread. The results show that a small amount of moisture does not affect the growth rate of mold.

Bread and all the other grain type foods are a big part of your daily diet. That’s why must people don’t let their bread go bad. However there are some situations that result with you having to throw it away. One of these situations is moisture getting into the bread, and after a few days mold will start to grow. This experiment was done to see how many days it takes for mold to show. The hypothesis is if you put water on bread then the bread will turn moldy.


• 1 slice of bread
• Two plastic bags
• Two labels
• Water mister
• Labeling Marker

To observe the effect of moist of the growth rate of mold, the materials needed are stated up above. The bags were first labeled as “moist” and “dry”. Then one half of a piece of bread was sprayed with water about two squirts. Then the pieces were placed its correct bag, the moist piece in the “moist” baggy and the dry piece in the “dry” baggy (See figure 1). Finally the bags were placed in a room where the temperature stays the same. Then was observed over a two week period.


The results of this study showed that the growth rate of mold did not increase because of the presence of moisture on the piece of bread. No mold was seen on the control group over a two week period. (See Table 1) Although by the end of the experiment the control had become harder the moist piece. The only thing that was observed on the moist piece was that the middle of the piece began to sink in.

Day Dry Moist
9/8 No mold Sinking in, no mold
9/12 No mold No mold
9/14 No mold More sinking in the middle, no mold
9/16 No mold No mold
9/20 Harder than Moist piece No mold
Table 1: The growth rate of mold on dry and moisten white bread was observed over a two week period

The effect of moisture on the growth rate of mold. Bread is a very important part of your daily diet because it is made of carbohydrates. Keeping it fresh and clean is important to keeping yourself healthy. According to the results moisture does not change the growth rate of mold on a piece of white bread. After observing over a two week period there was no change in the surface of the moist bread piece, although the dry piece became hard than the moist.
There was no mold seen on the moist piece, this may be because there wasn’t enough water sprayed on to it. Ultimately, moisture doesn’t change the rate of mold growth.


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